ACLS Provider Course Video in Streaming Format(英語版)


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「ACLS Provider Course Video in Streaming Format(英語版)」は、AHAから出版されいる ACLS DVD Set(英語版):15-1004 と同じ内容になっています。



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Product Specifications:
The streaming format of the ACLS Course Video features the same content as the ACLS DVD. The digital format allows Instructors to stream course videos with an internet connection and is an alternative option to DVDs/DVD players. The ACLS Course Video is to be used by AHA ACLS Instructors to teach the ACLS Course, including classroom and blended learning versions. Instructors can select the version of the course they are teaching from a dropdown menu. Includes the following ACLS Course videos:

ACLS Course
・ Life is Why
・ Science of Resuscitation
・ Systematic Approach
・ High-Quality BLS
・ Airway Management
・ Acute Coronary Syndromes o Acute Ischemic Stroke
・ Team Dynamics
 Product Specifications Cont.:
・ Megacode (out-of-hospital)
・ Megacode (in-hospital)
・ Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
・ Bradycardia Algorithm
・ Tachycardia Algorithm
・ Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm
・ Intraosseous Access
・ Coping with Death

ACLS Update Course
・ Science of Resuscitation
・ Systematic Approach
・ Team Dynamics
・ Megacode (out-of-hospital) 
・ Megacode (in-hospital)

HeartCode ACLS
・ High-Quality BLS
・ Airway Management
・ Team Dynamics
・ Megacode (out-of-hospital) o Megacode (in-hospital)

Intended Audience:
The ACLS Course Video in Streaming Format is intended for use by a single ACLS Instructor conducting ACLS courses.